Wild Child - Lifestyle

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of the “perfect family photos”, that everyone seems to have. Ideally, I try to still get those picture-perfect-posed photos, but I’ve learned quickly that when you’re photographing young children, the posed photos need to get done right away.

The patience of young children and posed photos never lasts long, and rightfully so - especially if the location around them is tempting. Melissa’s girls were so drawn to exploring, collecting shells + feathers, and running, so when I could tell they were getting frustrated with sitting and smiling, I realized it was time to change things up.

I captured the girls being their true selves and that’s what matters the most to me when I do these kind of sessions. I also captured some more raw moments, like when Melissa is trying to console her daughter after her feather went missing (very tragic to a 4 year old, haha).

We had so much fun running, and splashing, and I think I love the moments that are truly candid the most. Of course I snook in some “mom + dad” moments too for M+T.

The girl’s dresses are made by Melissa herself through her small business Little Wanderer Clothing Co.

Autumn xx