Winter Tipi - Editorial Elopement

A beautiful part to the Buffalo Farm in Mattawa Ontario, is the tipi structure that overlooks the river near the back of the Buffalo Farm property. Although we could not see the water flowing, you could still make out the unique bend in the river bank that glistened during golden hour. Melissa and Jeremy showed so much joy and love for one another that you could hardly tell they were freezing with the -20C temps and blasting cold winds. After a very brisk day of shooting, it was bittersweet to end it with such a stunning golden hour moment.


Workshop: Evelyn Barkey Retreats

Venue: Buffalo Farm

Models: Melissa & Jeremy Joo

Decor: Shannon Bellisle

MUA: Chelsey B & Vanessa Monteith

Florals: Jessy Beck

Dress: Darling Bridal

Textiles: Silk and Sumac

Woodwork: Bethanie Kaye