The sounds of the wind whispering while the water rippling in a near by river plays as your entrance music. The natural tones of Mother Nature paint the backdrop of your ceremony. You can feel the grass and mud beneath your feet, and see the sun sparkling in your partner’s eyes. Your heart beats for the knowledge you’re about to marry your best friend while standing on the edge of a lookout. The only guests that surround you are your close loved ones, and birds resting amongst the trees. A simple, yet enchanting intimate wedding settled outside where no one else matters, but the people who are standing for you.

Whether you are planning an elopement on a cliff located in Algonquin Park, or an intimate wedding at a cottage that’s been in your family for generations, and generations to come - Autumn Liggett Photo is the perfect photographer to hire as your personal storyteller.

I work primarily by myself due to the focus on small/intimate weddings, but in the case that I do agree to taking on a larger wedding guest list, I do hire a second shooter to come and work along side me. What is a small/intimate wedding you ask? Typically, I photograph weddings where the guest list is very small - sitting at around 80 guests or less. This isn’t because I dislike larger weddings - I just truly believe there are a lot more emotions and heartfelt moments when the guest list is focused on only close family and friends. There are times that I commit to larger weddings, but I max myself out almost immediately with each new season that comes.


My focus on your big day is to capture as many images as possible. Moments you may not have thought to include such as; warm embraces between family members, laughter amongst your guests during speeches, the tears, the motions, the dances, sweet gestures, the list goes on. I strive for the most canid shots because I believe a wedding day is much like a love story, and without the little details documented, a story cannot come together. However, the time I get to photograph you and your significant other is the most wonderful part of your wedding day. Whether its your first looks, or the hour we spend just after you say “I do”, there is nothing quite like the authentic love shown, and how raw + pure the images become… bounding your love story together.


All packages start with a $600.00, non-refundable deposit upon signing the contract.

Packages do not decrease in price if you have made the choice to not include something within the package.

International Travel - is highly wanted right now, so contact me about the discount I'm offering on small destination/elopement packages!

If my packages don't fit what you are looking for, please contact me - I am always willing to build a package that will best suit your needs.


wedding packages start at $2000.00

Elopement packages start at $800.00

{price of packages vary on length of wedding day}

wedding/elopement destination packages start at $2000.00 (CAD) - travel, rental, and lodging fees will be added on