Kemptville Castle - Wedding

On September 21st, 2018, Anastasia and David exchanged their vows at the New Rideau in Kemptville Ontario. Between the uniqueness of displaying pineapples down the aisle, to having a pizza party in between the ceremony and reception, funny enough, those weren’t even the craziest parts about their day. Only 30 minutes away an F2 tornado touched down, and another 40 minutes away, a F1 tornado touched down. Luckily, for the ceremony, and photos leading up to the reception, the weather was beautiful - minus the high winds. It’s as if Mother Nature knew that Ana and David’s party was about to start, and so was she. Thunder struck, lightning flashed, and the hail hammered on the venue roof. It didn’t take long before the roof started leaking, and pales of water were lining the floor in random spots. While this was all happening, Ana and Dave could not have looked more care free if they tried. They were so happy, and so in love with their new adventure, they couldn’t care if the power would go out at any minute. They had each other, and all their close friends, and that was all they needed.

Vendor List

Venue - New Rideau

MUA - Stephanie Bullock

Wedding Cake - Chantelle Heeney

Desserts - The New Rideau Restaurant

Second Shooter - Mary Calotes Photo