Dont Move to Muskoka

1 Month Anniversary

The biggest decision I made to date, is packing up all my things, and moving to an area I have loved for years. Not knowing what was in store for me, I watched as my small town of Alma fade in the rearview mirror of Kat's truck as I made my way for Muskoka. It's been a month now, and let me tell you, my world has turned upside down. I never saw myself living quite the lifestyle that I am, and looking back now, I'm not sure why it took me so long to make the decisions I have made. I made a wish a long time ago that I would live closer to Algonquin Park, and I made that wish turn into reality. 



I've been crazy busy since moving to Muskoka which has had me feel quite drained by the end of the week. I work as a preschool teacher as well as a before/after school teacher in the area, so I work split shifts. I'm up at 5:45 AM and I don't get home till 6:15 PM each night. Sounds like a long ass day, doesn't it? Luckily, I get a break each day of 2.5 hours long (rough life, right?) 

As for weekends, I haven't had much of a chance to sit still. I've had friends come say hello, which of course ends up in camping, exploring, and going out at night. I also took the time to go visit my family and Meeka back in Alma. In between all the craziness of running around, I've been able to dedicate some time in getting myself back to where I wanted to be, and allow myself to feel happy again in all the right ways. All thanks to Muskoka, I'm living the high life of someone who wants to be living the northern lifestyle. 

Dont Move to Muskoka Because...

You'll fall in love. That's it and that's all.


There is plenty to do in the Muskoka area. Each town in the Muskoka region has plenty of stores that flourish with antique shoppes, rustic furniture stores, local made apparel (Muskoka Bear Wear), and don't even get me started about the food options throughout Muskoka. Oliver's Coffee is a typical morning stop, and Sweet Jesus just opened up in Port Carling. Boston Pizza on the pier in Gravenhurst is a favourite of mine. Local breweries are also a big hit in the land of cottage country, so dont forget to make a stop in at either Muskoka Brewery, or Sawdust City.


I mean, the landscape alone is breathtaking and it doesn't take long before you can appreciate the views around you. There are literally hundreds of lakes surrounding the Muskoka area, which leads to giving tonnes of opportunities to canoe, paddle board, kayak, or just go soak up the sun on a beach. In between water sports, there is always time to relax and watch a sunset or rise, depending what you prefer. The area is also filled with beautiful lush greenery that causes you to want to hike... every. damn. day. Muskoka is an outdoor photographer's paradise, if you ask me. 


I have yet to meet anyone that can turn my good day into a bad day. Everyone is either a happy local enjoying the bustle of visitors before the dead of winter arrives, or a relaxed cottager in no rush to get anywhere fast. From farmers markets to midnight shopping events, theres always something to do throughout Muskoka. I cant forget to mention Santa's Village, Muskoka's famous amusement park based in Bracebridge. Being able to experience life in a cottage country area is something most people don't think about experiencing, but its definitely something everyone should consider once in their lifetime. 

Personal Experience

Although its only been a month, I can say I feel like I'm living the best life I can right now. I've learned to budget appropriately according to my needs vs my wants. I now can enjoy a quick paddle either during my break or after work each night which helps me zen out after a moment of stress. The appreciation that has grown towards the beautiful town I chose to move to is something I won't ever be able to forget. I can also say that I lucked out with my roommates, that make coming home after a long day, really really nice. 

The opportunities I have gained so far are unforgettable. Even though I do have moments of missing the easy things like coming home to a cooked meal, or a dog waiting to give me a million kisses, I remind myself that one day I can have those happy moments again, but just in a different way - and I cannot wait for those moments to happen. Coming home is a bitter sweet feeling now as I pass the pastures full of cattle and the Elora Gorge that is still a favourite of mine to photograph. Ive noticed how much more I appreciate Alma now, and it gives me such a warm feeling knowing I have two beautiful places to call home. 

From one small town to another, I could never imagine ever giving it up for the city life. I am where I am supposed to be. I am content.