Black Bear Beach - Engagement

I photographed Mac and Nichole back in the late winter for their engagement session, and was so excited to hear back from them when they suggested they wanted a summer session too - just before their wedding next month. Nichole told me she had some fun ideas up her sleeve, and was hoping I would be down with the idea… as well as Mac, hehe. A couple weeks later, we finally met up at a local beach in Petawawa, and spent the evening being creative, and documenting the raw and steamy love Mac and Nichole share for each other.

I love this gallery for a few reasons. One, its really neat to see how the light changes during the session due to us being so fortunate enough to have such an epic sunset, and two, for how I was able to capture every emotion these two experienced during their session. I cannot wait to be a part of their special day in August.

Please enjoy this beautiful + funny gallery as much as I do!