Autumn Liggett Photo

I am a 24 year old self taught natural light photographer that focuses on raw, candid images for the adventurers in love. Based out of Pembroke Ontario, I work within Canada + Internationally


I’ve been a lover of nature since a wee little thing, all thanks to my dad. He instilled in both my brother and I at a very young age that our planet matters, and that camping in the great outdoors is far more better for our health, than being glued to a T.V. To this day, I still very much have that passion for nature and adventure.

I fell in love with photography at an early age, but I hadn’t ever considered myself of “hire material”. I was photographing for adventure brands, landscapes, and my own camping experiences when people slowly started approaching me for photo sessions. It didn’t take long for me to buckle down and take the time to teach myself through online courses how to be the best that I could be. It’s been a little over three years now, and I can say that being able to document people in love has been the most rewarding career choice I have ever made. I’ve been able to meet some really fantastic people, and have gotten to visit a lot of neat little places I didn’t even know existed

When I wanted to create a brand for myself, I really wanted it to focus around what I truly love. Nature has always been something that speaks to me. The smells, textures, colours, and above all, the euphoric feeling it leaves within me, both spiritually and mentally. Being able to connect with couples that can enjoy that same vibe is exactly why my focus is on the small/intimate weddings in the outdoor setting.

Someone asked me what my favourite part about being a photographer is, and I couldn’t come up with one answer… I love photographing the way a man looks at his partner while they talk about something they love. I love documenting the moments leading up to walking down the aisle between a mother/father with their daughter/son. I love capturing the final breath before a couple commit to an intimate kiss - fingers intertwined, nose to nose touches, and couch cuddles. I love photographing the giggles, the tears, the favourite hobbies shared between two people who are deeply passionate for each other. I love, love.

Aside from business talk, I am a pretty down to earth kind of person. In the summer I keep busy with back country camping, road trips, and visiting rad little patios. In the winter I try my very best to enjoy the beauty of snow, but for the most part, I hibernate.. a lot, haha. I love dogs - doesn’t matter the shape or size, give me all the slobbery kisses. I love bohemian style for house decor, mainly because it flows with neutral colours, and I really love my greens and tints of white. I really, really like desserts. Alex has caught me on more than one occasion eating cake as a meal. Alex is my love who I met while visiting Algonquin Park, and now share a little life and a dog named Luna with for anyone wondering hehe. I could watch Friends and the Office over and over again and it would never get old. I foster orphaned elephants based out of Kenya, and care so very deeply about African elephant conservation. I played hockey for 5 years, and still love playing on the backyard rink from time to time.

I’ve left my heart in more than one place, and I believe its been left at destinations I haven’t quite reached yet. I have such a desire for travel. I love soaking in the culture, cuisine, and history. My passion to travel with a couple and document their experiences or elopement isn’t so much for my sake of getting to travel, but more so being able to witness what adventure can do to a couple in love. There is a sense of free spirit and wildness when travelling with your significant other that creates such a lovely glow - and who wouldn’t want that documented!?

I am always available to chat, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.



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